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Developing the Right Bat Path [Hitting Class 6]

bat path video

The Correct Bat Path is Crucial The first few videos in this hitting class explained how hitters setup and prepared to swing. All of that was to give batters the best chance of creating the correct bat path to make hard, consistent contact with the pitched ball. The earlier videos explained the … [Read More...]

Keeping Ideal Hitting Position [Hitting Class 5 Video]

ideal hitting position

Keeping the Ideal Hitting Position is crucial In the previous classes, we put our hitters into the best setup position to swing the bat from. Now the hard part begins of trying to keep the batters in that ideal position. When players take their step that is the time most inexperienced hitters lose … [Read More...]

Hitting Class 4 Video – Preparing to Swing the Bat

Preparing to Swing

Getting Ready to Swing As discussed in class 3, with young players, the less movement to prepare to swing, the better. With players set in the ideal spot, I have players prepare to swing in a few ways. This first drill has the coach behind and to the side of the hitter. They begin by looking at … [Read More...]

My Baseball Hitting Class – Day 3 – The Setup

baseball Hitting Class - Day 3

In this third baseball hitting class, I discuss the setup position I try to get players into before taking a stride. If you missed the first two classes, check them out so you know ways of creating the incentive for practice and for how to use the batting tee for the most benefit. Jack's Book - The … [Read More...]